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Start Magazine is a complex and ambitious publishing project, now in its 10th year of publication. Over time it has evolved to a significant level of complexity: the online daily newspaper has been joined by the printed quarterly, thematic focuses, and podcasts have emerged. We needed this natural (and healthy!) evolution of our editorial project to be reflected also in the visual identity, user experience, and thus the graphics of Start Magazine. This led us to contact Wenceslau. The approach was first of all "editorial," they went deep into our "editorial mission," evaluated our offerings and also the interaction with our audience, to give a new look to Start Magazine, a look that would certify and enhance its growth and change, but that is also ready to evolve further.

Valerio Giardinelli Founding partner, Innovative Publishing

The new Domani newspaper was born from the very first moment thanks to a constant dialogue with Wenceslau studio and Enzo Iaccheo. For a newspaper that presents itself to its readers, coherence between graphics and content is crucial: we asked WND studio to envision a newspaper that focuses on the articles and the reading experience, rather than the traditional and rather obsolete titling and foliage. Enzo Iaccheo and his collaborators therefore designed the most elegant Italian newspaper, rich in text but also full of white space that, dosed correctly, highlights the articles without making them heavy. Even the front page has a unique design in the Italian panorama, with only two articles instead of the old-fashioned "showcase" front page. And the multiple options available allow to adapt it to the different needs of each article. A continuous creative relationship with Wenceslau's studio was born, which we hope will accompany Domani for a long time, because it is rare to find partners as reliable and proactive as Enzo Iaccheo and his team turned out to be.

Stefano Feltri Director of Domani

For the redesign of Il Monferrato, we turned to the Wenceslau studio in Barcelona with the aim of preserving the austere style of the service newspaper, useful for those who live, reside and work in the area of ​​local coverage, and to modernize the production flow to have more pages, more news but saving time. In practice, modernize all production, graphic, sizes and dimensions... Without changing anything! Even the format of the new rotary machine, although it forced the passage of eight to seven columns, was chosen by rejecting the emulation of the last twenty years in Italy and today allows the production of multiple pages but in a single section. The graphic design was very well received by the readers who are the true "shareholders" of the newspaper and value all the long work of industrial analysis that includes work and printing contracts with the aim of offering a more useful and "autorevole" product. The first comments were very positive and some said: but there is even more news! Bingo, goal achieved.

Emanuele Giachino CEO of Editrice Monferrato

Who, like myself, had the opportunity to experience firsthand, as director of a local newspaper such as the "Giornale di Brescia", the season of major graphics and format reforms, of Italian newspapers, between 2005 and 2015 could not fail to meet Enzo Iaccheo, who then, as the Italian contact person of the Cases i Associats studio, brought in the newsrooms, specially in mine, the great innovation related to the design of the news. The work with Enzo Iaccheo lasted many years and resulted, in essence, in an intelligent mediation between the instances (and specificities) of Italian information and the innovative thrusts that came from the Catalan land. Mediation skills which primarily meant listening skills, reading specific languages, territorial peculiarities. The result was very satisfying, translated into a great innovative push never depleted of the historical and cultural heritage of the land where a newspaper was born and which it interprets every day. Today, that newspapers are looking for a new identity, not only cultural, but also graphic, I believe they can benefit from a consolidated experience like yours, of his ability to interpret innovative thrusts and an indispensable attachment to tradition.

Giacomo Scanzi Director of Giornale di Brescia since 2005 to 2015

As Editoriale Libertà we had the pleasure of working with Wenceslau News Design. Within a very short time, an excellent relationship of collaboration was established which led to the creation of a new graphic design of our daily newspaper which had the consent of the company and the readers. On this occasion, Wenceslau News Design opened an excellent dialogue with the entire editorial team which brilliantly overcame the difficulties of the new layout and the different organization of the foliation. All this, thanks to the patience, professionalism, listening skills and dialectical approach of Enzo Iaccheo and his collaborators. For these reasons I have no difficulty in affirming that the collaboration relationship with Wenceslau News Design has been very useful and important.

Alessandro Miglioli Vice President of Editoriale Libertà

Since many years we collabote with the Wenceslau News Design studio created by Enzo Iaccheo, not only does it maintain the current graphic designs of our main newspapers L'Eco di Bergamo and La Provincia di Como, Lecco and Sondrio, but it is always at the forefront in supporting us in new initiatives, including our monthly green Eco.Bergamo, our culture weekly Domenica, the Skille for companies. Characteristic and value of this study is that of not being limited to just the graphic realization, but in approaching with a holistic vision on the whole product starting from the contents, from the organization with which it will be made, to the different ways with which it will be read, everything this with excellent planning and respect for the times. We can call it a real graphic engineering studio...

Massimo Cincera President of Gruppo Sesaab

Working with Enzo has been an exciting experience. I went to him with a blank sheet of paper and an editorial idea in my head to create Wemag, a weekly magazine that had an innovative approach compared to magazines already on the market. Enzo's natural empathy made the initial design stages very simple and quickly started working on the product. His know-how in the world of media is immediately perceptible and has the uncommon ability to share all phases of the work with the client, making himself available for review. He is a professional in strategy as well as editorial aesthetics. Its pages are of a minimalist, very visual elegance, with calibrated spaces for text and photos. A never invasive but pleasantly relaxing aesthetic. Particular attention is paid to the infographics which can immediately drag the reader into the news. In short, an excellent talent.

Alessandro Altavilla publisher Wemag

I had the pleasure and luck to work with Enzo Iaccheo on the realization of two projects for "La Gazzetta dello Sport". The first collaboration was on the occasion of the transition from broadsheet to berliner full color (2007), the second to the restyling of the same newspaper (2014). At that time he working for the Cases studio in Barcelona as project manager. I still bring his teaching with me today that I have become art director of the newspaper. In summary what I can say is that he taught the architectural foundations of visual communication linked to design. Simplicity, rigor in establishing precise hierarchies to facilitate the reader's understanding and above all the choice of lettering and the use of color. Basically everything! We managed to move away from Italian provincialism to become more international, while maintaining the "baroque" side of our tradition. The greatest luck was to find a kind and empathetic person. With enzo I became a friend!

Domenico Coppola art director of La Gazzetta dello Sport

We met Enzo Iaccheo around 2005 when he was among the leaders of the Cases group in Barcelona. Our newspaper was graphically to be completely restyl. This young Harry Potter of creativity, with rebel curl and round nerd glasses, not only presented us with a truly innovative project. But then he had the patience to endure hours and hours of our requests, even the smallest ones, directing us in the right way anyway. Never putting yourself in the chair but respecting our sensitivity (and working with the "race" of journalists is not easy ....). The end result was a modern newspaper, easy to make, and highly appreciated by readers. With him, a few years later, we made the design of the extra-newspaper monographic inserts. A new editorial initiative on animals, medicine, tourism etc. Also in this case the proposal was right with a more airy graphics than the "mother newspaper" but that did not end up looking like a product detached from the newspaper. In recent months I have had the opportunity to see the latest newspapers and websites created by Enzo and I really liked them.

Maurizio Cattaneo Director of the Arena and Bresciaoggi

As Corriere del Ticino we had the pleasure of working with Wenceslau News Design: an excellent and fruitful collaboration was established immediately which led to the implementation of the new graphic layout of our newspaper on schedule and in the planned ways. I appreciated the competence, professionalism and, more generally, the listening ability and availability of Enzo Iaccheo and his team, their way of presenting themselves and of relating with management and editorial staff. I consider the experience with Wenceslau News Design positive from all points of view.

Paride Pelli Operational Director of Corriere del Ticino

Throughout the project of integrating the newsrooms of the printed and digital newspaper, the creativity was the great differential. To innovate, and not to focus the work only on the modern and current, brought excellent results. We were able to find a complete working model with what journalism required, anticipating content trends. Enzo Iaccheo was the project director for Cases Studio in Barcelona.

Rodrigo Santiago Executive Editor of Diario do Nordeste

Enzo is one of the best graphic and digital designers with whom I worked. Since 2006, when we started the redesign of the Economic Supplement of Clarin newspaper. Enzo was always a top-level professional in the newspaper Clarin and Along with Enzo, we work togueter on the first design and the redesign of, Clarin´s site for economic news, finance and business. Enzo’s experience in media such as Il Sole 24 Ore was key to his great contributions in designs that perform together to Clarin and

Darío D’Atri Chief Editor at Clarin and

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