At WND, purpose-driven design is our passion. Every one of our projects demonstrates this through a strategic and personalized approach, tailored to meet our clients' specific needs. We firmly believe that a well-designed project can make a difference in user engagement and overall project success. Our team consists of passionate professionals, including graphic designers and journalists, who transform each project into a clear and engaging visual story.

The design for a news website is crucial. It not only influences aesthetics but also user experience, credibility, and engagement. Investing in an intuitive, responsive, and visually appealing design can make a difference in keeping users interested and confident in the quality of the information provided. That’s why at Wenceslau News Design, we strive to offer the best possible design. We believe that quality design is essential to ensure a superior user experience and keep the community informed and always satisfied.

A captivating design (UI) is the first impression, but technological progress offers us the chance to enhance user experience (UX). Following trends for a cutting-edge site and investing in user experience is key to attracting an increasingly discerning audience. Ready for the new look?

In the newspapers of the Athesis Editorial Group, fonts become essential tools for conveying information clearly. Each typographic stroke is carefully chosen to guide the eye and add depth to the stories being told. From the sturdy structure of serifs to the clean approach of sans-serifs, we explore a world of rational choices among the printed lines.