La Domenica

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La Domenica

Lugano, Switzerland

In this project we had the task of creating a design for La Domenica, the new Sunday publication of Corriere del Ticino. It is a reading newspaper with the soul of a magazine, as it has an impactful front page, long and in-depth articles, high quality images with coverage of current events, sports and leisure and society topics. The aim was to design a Sunday paper with its own independent identity, reflected in its distinctive front page, but at the same time clearly perceived as part of the CdT family. To this end, the same logo design and typography were used. As for the new features introduced by La Domenica, in addition to its sports and society section L’eco dello Sport, readers will find headlines that are not quite headlines but, due to their length, resemble short introductions. In addition, infographics were incorporated throughout the publication, as well as illustrations in the society section.


310 x 450 mm
2021 , Design project