Il Monferrato

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Il Monferrato

Casale Monferrato, Italy

Il Monferrato is a biweekly well-ingrained information newspaper in the area. An influential and widespread voice.
Taking advantage of the change of format, slightly reduced but with dimensions much greater than the classic Berliner, we were entrusted with the graphic design with very clear objectives: to strengthen that sense of identity that readers have with the newspaper, not adapting to the new airy design with news short and sensational, but rather a newspaper full of local information.
Our job was, therefore, to put the pages in order with a hierarchy of news, to codify the genres of reading and to create simple pages, easy to read and with a good rhythm, taking into account the functionality of the project both in terms of work and under the profile of communication with readers. For these reasons we have studied a modular structure organizing the news in easily interchangeable rectangular blocks. A system that gives the possibility of easily paginating the newspaper, offering journalists more time for their work.


350 x 470 mm
2020 , Design project and Art direction