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We wanted to tell you about our projects, realised between 2015 and 2021, by collecting them in a book. It is an invitation to take a look at the publications we have designed, transformed and improved over six years of intensive work, to get an idea and perhaps arouse interest in learning more about the solutions we have proposed.

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Each project is a unique experience, although the situations are usually similar, each newsroom has its own reality, intriguing, fascinating, human. We believe that it is very important to listen to the needs, not only editorial, but also those of each member of the company. We like to create something new without ever losing sight of the identity of the publications, their link with the readers and the territory. At the same time, we are ready to meet the needs of the company. The working method that characterises us in the realisation of our projects is the collaboration with all parties involved in editorial, design and restyling projects. From the publisher to the editors, the newsroom, the designers, the technical department and the commercial department. In this way, time can be optimised, facilitating the production of publications, whether digital or printed.

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Wenceslau News Design carries out graphic editorial projects for information media and directs editorial strategy projects and newsroom organization

Print Press

All graphic projects include from the product analysis and definition, the ideation and development of the design, the graphic production and its implementation, to the training and the launch

Digital Media

Restlyling and optimization of digital platforms and apps with a responsive web design, adapting the functionalities to offer a more dynamic and attractive user experience

Editorial Strategy

Analysis, evaluation and counseling for the reorganization of work processes within the newsroom, from the arrival of the news until its publication in multi-platform environments, to achieve greater efficiency

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Enzo Iaccheo