A captivating design (UI) is the first impression, but technological progress offers us the chance to enhance user experience (UX). Following trends for a cutting-edge site and investing in user experience is key to attracting an increasingly discerning audience. Ready for the new look?

As a journalistic design studio, our work is crucial to provide the best reading experience for the news. Furthermore, let's never forget that the real protagonist is the information. Our goal is to make the news accessible, visual, and engaging, while always maintaining the right balance. Design should complement the news, guiding the reader. At Wenceslau News Design, we work to ensure that information takes center stage. We create reading codes where design enhances without overshadowing the informative essence.

In the newspapers of the Athesis Editorial Group, fonts become essential tools for conveying information clearly. Each typographic stroke is carefully chosen to guide the eye and add depth to the stories being told. From the sturdy structure of serifs to the clean approach of sans-serifs, we explore a world of rational choices among the printed lines. 

We strengthened the identity of L’Arena, Il Giornale di Vicenza and Bresciaoggi with a modern and elegant design. Our goal: a recognizable and authoritative design to inspire confidence in the quality of the presented information.