The director of WND, Enzo Iaccheo, explains the main reasons why every media should consider carrying out a redesign project on a regular basis.

Responsive Web Design is a key element for the design of media websites. This web design and development technique is based on the adaptation and optimisation of the website’s content, including text, images and videos, so that they can be adjusted to the screen size and resolution of different devices, whether it is a tablet, a smartphone or a computer. By ensuring a correct visualisation regardless of the device used, we improve readability and overall enhance the user experience.

One of the key points of an editorial strategy is to design together with our client the best possible organisation for their newsroom, in order to improve its performance and efficiency. Our Project Director for Europe, Abril Phillips, explains why the reorganisation of the newsroom is so important and how we can make it effective over time.

In the graphic design of the Sunday supplement of L’Eco di Bergamo, to stand out from the rest of the newspaper, a new graphic style has been created in line with the daily newspaper and to which new notes of color and structure have been added, which have it made dynamic and more “magazine”. Impact titles have been created, new distributions of spaces that generate innovative white areas and with a large photo front page. You can see from start to end, that the aim is a more graphic and fresh cultural supplement.