The design of infographics is one of the main services that we offer to our clients. The use of infographics helps us to simplify the information and communicate data in a much more accessible way. In this video, our Project Director for Europe Abril Phillips, explains why infographics are so important for journalism today and what they’ve got to offer.

We believe it is important to communicate the kind of journalism that Domani has decided to do. For this reason, for example, the home page of the website opens with a range of opinions from the editorial staff and the paper edition has a cover page different from all the first pages of the Italian newspapers we are used to reading, making sure that the editorial staff focus on the most important news and on the editorial column.

The information of Domani is grouped into three major areas: Facts, Analysis and Ideas. To create unambiguous reading codes we first created a color code to distinguish the three areas. To enhance and differentiate the pages of the Analysis section, a cage with five columns was created, instead of six, where the texts are align-left and with drop caps. The opening news of the other pages of the newspaper have a big stylized arrow at the beginning of the text.

The choice of the font in a graphic project is very important because it communicates the editorial intention, the type of content and the target. Domani is a newspaper to be read with analytical contents that go in depth, and this must be communicated. For the font of the headlines we chose the Mafra Display, an elegant and at the same time strong font. The secondary font is called Barlow and has excellent readability, both digitally and on paper.